Pono Studio – A Trusted Provider of Graduation, Wedding Photography and Family Portraits in Kauai

Everything is fleeting. Beautiful moments suddenly become a vague memory. You could never stop the ticking of the clock and the vanishing of your most cherished seconds, but you can capture your life’s precious moments forever through photography.

Pono Studio can help you engrave to memory the most important events in your life such as wedding, graduation, and family reunion. Pono Studio is located in Kauai, which is also known as the “Garden Isle”. If you are going to hold your wedding in this beautiful island, the lush surroundings will serve as the perfect backdrop for your wedding portraits. All you need is the service of Pono Studio, as it houses professional wedding photographers, and everything will be perfect. For any other event in Kauai, we make sure to keep your moments captured in frame.

What are the products and services we offer?

• wedding photography
• event photography
• family portraits
• Senior Portraits

Pono Studio provides quality service

There are many senior photographers out there, but Pono Studio can ensure that you are provided with a seasoned photographer that could make your wedding, family reunion, graduation, and other events memorable. Pono Studio has actually been serving Kauai for more than 30 years. This means we have already established our name when it comes to wedding and special events photography. With our experienced senior photographers, we guarantee to provide the best service whether for graduations, wedding portrait shots and much more.

Pono Studio offers affordable rates

Capturing the happiest moments in your life on portrait does not require a fortune. If you employ the services of Pono Studio, you can have your family portraits, wedding and graduation photos for very affordable prices.

You don’t have to look for other senior photographers anymore. If you employ Pono Studio’s services you can be sure that your special events here in Kauai are captured forever.
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